WolfHeart Reviews

Two lovely 5-star reviews were posted on Barnes and Noble website for my debut novel “WolfHeart”

  1. The author does a very good worldbuilding without unnecessary information to make the book long and boring. Some strong secondary characters make the main character more interesting. 5/5!
  2.  A really good fantasy book with a romance that will leave you shivering. I totally recommend this for a few enjoyable evenings.

You can see both (anonymous) reviews by clicking the following link:


Many thanks to everyone who spent their time reading my book!


Published Novel!

My new adult, paranormal romance novel is finally out on amazon!

Check it out! On kindle or paperback. Reviews are always welcome.

A year of hard work finally gave results and I couldn’t be happier.


In the middle of the war between two powerful species that revealed the supernatural world to Humans, two people try to find their place among their kind and with each other while battling not only the circumstances, but their own nature too.

Steven -a Werewolf Prince- inherited his Alpha powers after murdering a rabid wolf but in doing so he disrupted the equilibrium inside his family´s pack where the power should pass from mother to daughter. Now, with both him and his sister Jen being Alphas and laden with guilt, Steven has to keep his head down and follow orders; play the good soldier in a war he detests.

When Jen sends him on a mission that will take him and his pack out of pack land for the first time, he finds Cora -the Magic Princess- born the first year of the war and believed to be the most powerful Magic that has ever walked the earth. The Anders Werewolves though cannot survive long outside their land and Jen hates Magics with passion after they kidnapped and killed her mate. Wolves mate for life so, determined to take her revenge, Jen leaves her brother to struggle with his own morality; save a girl who has spend her entire life being tortured by her own people or keep quiet and maintain his position at his sister´s side, keeping their people united?

Under Publication 

​My story ‘I wish you had stayed’ was accepted for publication in Allegiant Publishing Group’s imprint Centum Press. Their anthology ‘One Hundred Voices volume II’ will be out soon.
For anyone interested they are still accepting submissions so check it out!