Broken (The Breach Chronicles, #1) by Ivy Logan – Book Review

Ivy Logan has managed to build a remarkable fantasy world.

“Broken” is about family bonds; husband and wife, brother and sister, parent and child. These kind of bonds manage to surpass every obstacle using the magic that the author has woven into her world so effortlessly.

The book has a slow start, but don’t be fooled and put it down. It will reward you with a dragon twist, teary goodbyes, strong women that their men don’t feel the need to hold back and, of course, a happy, bittersweet ending.

I would have liked stronger language in some places and maybe better descriptions, particularly at the beginning of the book when the made-up world is described.

I rated this book with 4/5 stars in Goodreads.


A Love Beyond Time by Bella Emy – Book Review

I read “A Love Beyond Time” pleasantly in a single afternoon.

It starts as a classic fairy tale only to have a sexy twist along the way which, although gives the standard Red Riding Hood story an interesting turn, it seems a little hurried and awkward at places.

I liked this book well enough though. Time well spent.

I rated this book with 3/5 stars in Goodreads.

Fifty shades of Grey – Book Review

The movie ‘Fifty shades of Grey’ premieres here on February 12th and some of my friends decided to go see it as a Valentine’s day joke/happening. Of course, I couldn’t go unprepared so I decided to read the book beforehand. I regretted that decision the moment I reached the second page. It wasn’t the story; I liked the story, it was different. I won’t go into the ‘Twilight’ similarities either because I was prepared for that. That’s what this book is supposed to be: a ‘Twilight’ fanfiction.

It was the terrible, awful writing. Every single line of dialogue made me cringe so much that I never got around to feel the eroticism behind it. The Greek translation of it was even worse… I lost two days of my life that I’m not going to get back but I finished it. I was so proud of myself!

I can’t imagine how the team behind the movie are going to turn this piece of crap into some form of art. If they do manage it though I might be tempted to brave the second book.

On the plus side, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan look absolutely hot judging by the trailer. I’ll use that to comfort myself that night to the movies…