As an avid fan of the Arthurian legend, I have watched every movie scene there is out there with Arthur drawing the sword from the stone. Guy Ritchie’s version doesn’t fail to deliver.

Charlie Hunnam was an excellent choice to portray King Arthur.  Jude Law, whose overly intense expressions never sat well with me, was a disappointment but the rest of the surrounding cast turned out good, Eric Bana as Uther Pendragon in particular.

This is not the classic myth of King Arthur and his knights. Guy Ritchie has an unique way to tell the story and whoever sat down to watch this movie hoping to see the well-known tale will be disappointed. Personally, I could do with less extravagant magic monsters and less Lord of the Rings vibes, e.g. the oliphants and the Great Eye and the Tower of Mordor collapsing.

The soundtrack was goosebump inducing, the scene about the round table hilarious and Arthur’s monologue about his origins while he is killing his uncle awe-inspiring.

I rate this movie with 7.4/10.


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