The most realistic movie I’ve seen this year, passing a very human message: Shit happens in life and there aren’t always some good stuff to come along and make everything better.

Casey Affleck’s character, Lee Chandler, is a man destroyed. Losing three kids in a house-fire he caused, there is nothing left for him to go on. Despite the fact that he still lives, he is frozen in a state of self-deprecation that not even his recently orphaned nephew can help him overcome. Affleck carries a sad quality with him that manages to portray all that perfectly. An Oscar well-served.

Kenneth Lonergan wrote a beautiful script and directed it as coldly as it left you feeling. An amazing feat if you ask me.

What I can’t understand is Michelle Williams’ Oscar nomination for supporting actress. She was on screen for barely five minutes, half of it spent on cursing and the other half having a badly performed psychotic break.

In the end, two and a half hours well spent.

I rate this movie with 7.5/10.


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