A lot of buzz around this movie so let’s see…

Director Patty Jenkins did an exceptional job. She kept moving among the Amazons and their battle moves giving us an awe-inspiring perspective, only a bit reminiscent of the movie “300” by Zack Snyder who actually was one of Wonder Woman’s writers and was on the driver’s seat for other DC movies like “Man of Steel” and the awful “Batman v Superman”.

The writing team behind Wonder Woman delivered an appropriately funny and inspirational script that Chris Pine, playing Steve Trevor, managed to elevate with his subtle acting that let the women of the film shine and kept our attention to them at all times.

The supporting cast was also kind of awesome, especially David Thewlis and Robin Wright.


Gal Gadot is a beautiful woman and kicked ass in every action-filled scene. Her posture, the way she held herself with confidence, was amazing and her husky voice, tinted a little bit by her accent, gave her a more exotic vibe. Sometimes though, mainly during the scenes with only dialogue, it felt like she was trying too hard to act, like “What am I doing here exactly?”


I rate this movie with 8/10. Better than anything DC we have seen lately.



One thought on “Wonder Woman (2017) – Movie Review

  1. I’m so glad Gal Gadot is proving all those haters wrong, and the movie is showing us that, yes, female characters do appeal to the wider audience too. Thank you very much. I can’t wait to see the movie this week (thanks Europe, for the late release). And yes, this is definitely better than anything DC i’ve seen in a while. Suicide Squad, I still want my money back haha. Nice review!

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