!Beware of the spoilers!


Let’s start this review making perfectly clear that, although Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 had very thin plot, it was much more enjoyable than Vol. 1.

The movie started off with some awesome dance moves from baby Groot who is, literally, the cutest creature that has ever adorned the big screen, and went on reminding us the hilariousness of the universe. Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista and even the voice of Bradley Cooper had excellent chemistry, exchanging brilliant quips that made everyone laugh hard every ten seconds. Kudos to the assembly of writers for that!

The most epic scene for me was with Michael Rooker’s Yondu, where the character escaped from the mutineers that had commandeered his ship, whistling his red arrow around under the soundtrack of the Awesome Mixtape. Brilliant! A pleasant surprise was also Yondu’s atonement scene where he died after saving Peter Quill and calling him his son. “He may have been your father boy, but he wasn’t your daddy,” he said for Kurt Russell’s “Ego” who portrayed Quill’s biological father and was the basic theme of this movie: Exploring Starlord’s origins (=he is a demigod with a conscience).

Awesome Mixtape #2 was, as expected, an excellent collection of classics tailored nicely to the onscreen shenanigans. Even the special-effects where suitably handled, giving the film the needed super-hero vibes but keeping the characters in the centre of each scene (see for example Quill resisting his father’s torture by remembering his mother).

More than one post-credits scenes this time. The best was, hands up, the one with teenager Groot and Quill telling him to clean his room. Hilarious!

All in all, an excellent night at the movies.

I rate this movie with 7/10.


PS: Watch out for David Hasselhoff!


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