I had low expectations for this movie, anticipating something between “Transformers” and “Age of Ultron”. Thankfully, I was wrong since the movie concentrated on building the relationships between its five protagonists first and falling back into the familiar special effects recipe only towards the final half hour.

The young cast did exceptionally well, especially RJ Cyler as Billy, the Blue Ranger, while Dacre Montgomery as Jason, the Red Ranger, managed to manoeuvre his character between the landmine that is playing a jock pretty notably.

Special moments for anyone, like me, who grew up watching Power Rangers:
1. Alpha 5’s “Ay Ay Ay”

2. The zords

3. The Megazord!

4. The Go Go Power Ranger song moment

and something extra:

5. The “Stand by me” included in the soundtrack (the scene where Billy dies)

The suits were a bit too flashy but it had some original battle scenes that were really impressive, especially the underwater one where the Rangers fight together for the first time.

For a pleasant evening, and the memories, I rate this movie with 7/10.


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