Directed by Antoine Fuqua (Olympus has fallen, King Arthur etc), The Magnificent Seven remake manages to reproduce a believable western vibe on par with similar films made in the 60s and better than anything of its kind we’ve seen this last decade.


A great assembly of cast but:

  1. Haley Bennett’s character Emma Cullen was severely underdeveloped.
  2. Denzel Washington didn’t exactly bring it home.
  3. Extra kudos to Chris Pratt for the charisma and mischievousness he brought to his character Josh Faraday.
  4. Extra Extra kudos to Vincent D’Onofrio for the creepiness, the voice and the madness of a man who slaughters his enemies while sending a prayer their way.
  5. Looks like they tried too hard to have diversity but the film’s Indian and Mexican, apart from a few clever quips from Manuel Garcia-Rulfo’s Vasquez and the bromance with Faraday, most of the time was just …there. Could have turned out better.


The music was also kind of awesome and discreet and the scenery reminiscent of the Wild West.


I rate this movie with 8/10.


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