Rogue One is the only Star Wars movie that actually portrays a world of war and is not centered around a family or The Force. It sets an excellent example of the depths George Lucas’s universe has left to explore away from the Skywalkers.
With an excellent ensemble cast and storytelling, I put Rogue One on par with The Empire Strikes Back. More kudos acting-wise should go to Diego Luna who masterly avoided any comparisonĀ to Harrison Ford’s Han Solo. The sassy droid is going to be fan-favorite also.
Goosebumps inducing moments:

– Darth Vader music!!!

– The single lightsaber scene

– The de-aged Carrie Fisher finale

all points a Star Wars fan will definitely appreciate.
Congratulations also for the very realistic end where no one survives.
My goofy moment: When the rebels were gathered around a table and discussing who and whether someone should go for the Death Star plans, I expected Frodo to stand up and yell “I will take the ring to Mordor!”
I rate this movie with 8.5/10


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