A western vibe in the middle of sci-fi remakes and superheroes. What better way to spend an evening?
Ben Foster, an ex-con who helps his brother gather the money he needs to secure his boys’ future. Chris Pine, the aforementioned brother, smart and perfectly (not much) sentimental. Jeff Bridges as the ranger hot on their heels.
Foster was brilliant in a paranoid sort of way and Bridges gave one of his usual top-notch performances. The gift that keeps on giving though was Pine. I should probably stop being surprised. His acting, probably due to his choices the last couple of years, is getting better and better with time. This movie helped him prove once again that he is not just a pretty Hollywood boy good only for big franchises. He can get rough when he needs to.
10/10 for the soundtrack and 8/10 for David Mackenzie’s direction and Taylor Sheridan’s gritty script.
I rate this movie with 8/10.


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