To anyone who says that ‘Warcraft’ is this generation’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ take it down a notch. The storyline and characters and their depth do not even come close. Let alone Jackson’s work and effort with Duncan Jones’s. It’s a book versus a video game for crying out loud.

That being said, I watched ‘Warcraft’ as its own entity and didn’t try to compare it to the masterpiece that is LOTR. And of course I never seriously played the game, unless a few hours here and there count.
Let’s start with the acting. Some very good, some bordering on weird. Travis Fimmel for example was like he was constantly drunk (direct quote from a guy sitting in the front row) for the first hour. Ben Foster’s imitation of Jesus of Nazareth was also very annoying. A good Dominic Cooper and an excellent Paula Patton didn’t manage to drag the rest of the cast with them.
Amazing CGI as expected and terrific soundtrack made for two very pleasing hours though.

Unless you are a gamer, I don’t think you will find ‘Warcraft’ too satisfying. A mediocre movie for its genre.

I rate this movie with 6.2/10


One thought on “Warcraft: The Beginning – Movie Review

  1. Kind of funny you mentioned it, but I’ve never played the game and really enjoyed the movie. I don’t even like fantasy stories and I thought it was pretty decent. Enjoyed reading your review!


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