I was looking forward to the ‘Maze Runner Part 2’ and I must say that after I watched ‘Insurgent’ (‘Divergent 2’ for those not familiar with it) I dreaded it. I was partly right.

The plot went to hell (no connection at all to the books from what I hear) and every plot-hole was filled with action-packed scenes. While the first movie in the franchise managed to set itself apart from every other young adult films that keep coming out as I already said in Maze Runner Review, this one somehow turned into a zombie flick.

Admittedly it was an enjoyable movie, all I’m saying is that it lost all of its originality. BUT epic ending is epic!

Dylan O’Brien was once again very good whenever he had to do something more than stunts. I hope that he will not become another macho shooting star by keep playing in movies like this. Thomas Brodie-Sangster didn’t have much to go with  but I think we all know him well enough to expect the best out of him. Rosa Salazar as Brenda was a pleasant surprise and Kaya Scodelario, once again, made me want to go to sleep simply by looking at her.

I rate this movie with 6.5/10 and only because it was a not unpleasant way to spend my evening.


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