Three people surviving a radiation incident of unknown origin that wiped out the Earth’s population, come together and try to build their lives back up. Interesting plot, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Chris Pine and supposedly based on a book why the hell wouldn’t I want to see this movie?

Big mistake! The movie itself had nothing to show but beautiful scenery. The plot was boring, the characters didn’t have depth and the end didn’t manage to solve anything, providing instead even more questions. I would have like to see how would a person who has spent years or even months thinking that he or she is the only person alive on the entire planet react discovering that he/she is not truly alone but alas; it was more important showing us how a lonely girl really wants to have sex! Also !SPOILER ALERT! When you find out that the guy sitting in front of you killed your baby brother you are not supposed to react calmly, even if he did it out of mercy. !SPOILER ALERT!

On the plus side, the performances were good. A decent Chiwetel Ejiofor (whose character disappointed me the most), an amazing Margot Robbie (who I hadn’t seen in anything previously) and an outstanding Chris Pine (whose later roles in movies such as “Stretch”,”Horrible bosses 2″,”Into the woods” and the versatility they give him keep surprising me).

I rate this movie (leniently) with 6/10.


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