Melissa McCarthy is one of the most talented comedians of our times. That being said, there is a very thin line between comedy and repetitive, crude jokes. There were a few good, almost funny, scenes but other than that this movie had nothing to offer.

The majority of the dialogue was full of vulgar language and while this was supposed to be a movie about how women can be strong and independent, too many ”fat” jokes spoiled the result. McCarthy herself had nothing more to show to her audience than what we already know (see “The Heat”).

Rose Byrne’s acting as the villain was fine though she could have tried a lot more with her accent. The only good thing in this movie was Jude Law and the charm he brings to all of his characters not only with his looks but also the way he approaches them.

To sum it up, Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig, the duo behind the much more noteworthy “The Heat” and the Oscar-nominated (god knows why!) “Bridesmaids”, managed to disappoint. McCarthy is good at what she does but she is in danger of being a cliché. Perhaps is the, what we call, “American humour” that I don’t quite understand at fault. I hope I’m not the only one who doesn’t get what’s so funny when someone vomits!

I rate this movie with 5.5/10.


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