When I first watched “Divergent”, I felt that it stood out among the other movies of its kind that keep coming out lately. It had the potential to be something greater than the “Hunger Games” if not “The Maze Runner” too. The sequel though, “Insurgent” failed tragically. Characters lost their depth and everything focused around a cold, not credible romance between Four and Tris.

I haven’t read the novels but I was recently informed that this second movie is a very loose adaptation of Roth’s novel. I don’t know if everything I found bothering me in this film are due to that fact but one thing is certain: “Insurgent” became another teen action movie without even good action scenes.

All Shailene Woodley had to show as Tris was a brooding, spoiled teenager out for blood. Theo James on the other hand had simply to play the role of the boyfriend who keeps Tris in check. Even his darkest secret, who he really is and what’s his past, was revealed only so that he could save her life. The entire character of ‘Four’ fell into the background and the dynamic duo of the first movie lost all its glory.

Un-original, clichéd, boring, don’t waste your time with this movie. Unless you’d like to figure out how Tris managed to look like she came out of a hairdresser’s after she cut her own hair. I didn’t…

I rate this movie with 5.9/10.


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