Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron were, despite fears for the contrary, a killer combination. However, while Hardy’s “Mad Max” was the actual title of the movie, he received less screen time and storyline than Theron’s ”Furiosa” whose backstory and origins were the basis around which the film was built. Nevertheless, Hardy’s performance was so powerful that you didn’t bother to notice but in retrospect.

Theron’s interpretation of Furiosa was equally brutal and sentimental; I won’t be surprised if she is nominated for an Oscar for this movie. As far as secondary characters go, Nicholas Hoult’s ”Nux” gave a refreshing aspect in the middle of a bloodthirsty desert. A stellar job from Hoult without a doubt.

Mad Max: Fury Road is not for the squeamish with its many disgusting scenes. Mostly action packed, it has a target audience. Definitely though one of the best blockbusters of this year.

I rate this movie with 8/10.


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