I am one of those people who can’t understand what took the Academy so long to give Colin Firth an Oscar, so I’ll try really hard not to turn this review into a Firth-fest.

Let me start with a generality: Kingsman was one of the best action-packed films I’ve seen in a while. Vaughn sure knows his comics.

Firth did what he does best; played a gentleman. Granted, an ass-kicking jentleman but a gentleman nonetheless. An enjoyable and fun to watch character who left you wishing he would make a comeback during the last battle. The entire film though was carried upon Taron Egerton’s shoulders, proving once again that there is a new wave of talented young actors entering the market. Sarcastic, brittle and harsh at the same time, he was a joy to watch.
Also, excellent work from a bunch of supporting actors and especially Mark Strong and Jack Davenport. Michael Caine and Mark Hamill on the other hand left me indifferent. I’m sitting on the fence when it comes to Samuel Jackson…

The movie itself had Tarantino-esque fight scenes (minus the splatter), a soundtrack providing comic relief and it was a salute to all spy movies out there, including 007.

Top moment: Eggsy killing Valentine using Gazelle’s leg and throwing his words back in his face.

Top quote (by Harry Hart aka Galahad): I’m a Catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works at a military abortion clinic. Hail Satan and have a lovely afternoon madam.

Favorite moment: The surprise scene after the credits where Eggsy does exactly what Harry taught him.

A must-watch film!

I rate this movie with 9/10 (I’d give it a 10 but then I’d have to give The Dark Knight Rises a 20)


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