Christopher Nolan ladies and gentlemen! There isn’t a single movie this man has made, written or directed, that hasn’t left me wondering what’s going on inside his mind. Interstellar does not fail to follow this pattern. Both Nolans do not dissapoint, especially when working together.
Interstellar is a sci -fi movie far better than other, recent ones, of its kind, ‘2001: Space Odyssey’ and ‘Gravity’ included. Emotional throughout and brilliantly directed it may be, but lots of kudos must go to the visual effects department. An Oscar well-deserved that one!
Matthew McConaughey managed to preserve his hard-earned reputation as a serious actor without too much trouble. The only negative for me was a cold Anne Hathaway and a really bad Mackenzie Foy. She is young though so I’ll wait to see how good she’ll turn out to be.

I rate this movie with 8.9/10

And now off to re-watch Inception…


One thought on “Interstellar – Movie Review

  1. Nice review. That said, I thought Mackenzie Foy was excellent as a young Murph. I really bought those father-daughter scenes. I know Nolan in-particular was blown away by her (see his interview with Simon Mayo on Radio 5Live.) I agree with you, on the whole though, magnificent film.

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