The tone has changed in this third installment of the Hunger Games series. With less actual action scenes it manages to keep you on edge more than the two previous movies together with Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘Katniss’ and Donald Sutherland’s ‘President Snow’ stealing the show.

Perhaps for the first time, the movie focuses on the backstage of war; how strategies are being decided on and how the players are moving their pawns. That was rather unexpectedly intriguing.

On the downside, the studio decided as usual to split one book into two movies which had a bad effect on moving the plot forward.


A lot of melodrama over Peeta’s fate (they had to fill 2 hours somehow)

Lawrence’s waking up scenes (overacted)

Julianne Moore’s lifeless version of President Coin


An amazing soundtrack (including Lawrence’s smoky voice)

Donald Sutherland

Elizabeth Banks

I rate this movie with 7/10.


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