Force Majeure is a Swedish drama focusing on family relations. It is about a family with two young kids, enjoying themselves in a winter resort when an avalanche destroys their carefully constructed equilibrium. The mother’s first instinct is to protect her children while the father grabs his iPhone and runs away. No one gets injured but the mother starts contemplating her life choices. What is she doing with a man who only cares about himself? So she starts outing him to various people she met at the resort until he crumbles and, during an existential crisis, admits to her his other faults. But all is well in the end as he manages to prove to her that he can take care of his family. I am not going to spoil how!

Strong performances from the lead actors, beautiful landscapes and an interesting choice of music are some of the movie’s positive aspects. On the other hand, the pace was too slow and the scene where the father was supposed to cry his eyes out made me laugh hard. Johannes Kuhnke, the lead actor, seemed so uncomfortable!
The end left a lot of questions too. For me, this movie should have ended after the family’s joyful reunion and not waste ten more minutes on a finale that many watched but only a handful understood, each one of them giving it a different meaning.

Nevertheless, Force Majeure is a film worth checking out, far better than other of its kind we saw this year..

I rate this movie with 6.9/10.


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