Oh the disappointment! Not even Chris Pine’s hilarity or Anna Kendrick’s voice could save that movie for me.

Bad effects in the scenes with the giant where you couldn’t even see full faces and horrible representation of the whole wolf-eats-girl/wolf’s belly thing. Maybe the director though of them as imaginative but they were not my cup of tea. Johnny Depp’s wolf wasn’t something memorable either.

Am I the only one that feels like the world waits for Meryl Streep to shoot a movie so that we can give her another oscar? As much as I like her in some of her movies, and regardless how decent she was in Into the Woods, this was not worth an oscar nomination! If someone should have got one that was Chris Pine. We have seen his talent in comedy lately (Stretch, Horrible Bosses 2) but he took it a step further with Cinderella’s Prince. The singing voice, the accent, the attitude… All in harmony for a guy whose greatest hit movie-wise was the Star Trek reboot.

I rate this movie with 6.2/10


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